Our Team

We have a network of professionals in the areas of accounting, ICT, research, branding and marketing. Depending on your specific needs, we put a team of professionals together to add value to you. Our teams are led by Rochelle Monte, who is our founder and Chief Business Adviser.

Rochelle is as passionate about creating innovative solutions for businesses as she is about creating art pieces. Since she was young, Rochelle has had a passion to find creative solutions for problems  and to come up with innovative ideas. So, it is not a coincidence that she is both a business adviser and a painter.

Her purpose is to help businesses grow and succeed to ignite economic growth and hence improve the standard of living of communities. She is committed to do so through Excellency B.V., which she founded in 2015. 

Rochelle has more than 20 years of valuable experience gained as Business Consultant at a Big 4 Firm, Investment Portfolio Manager at a the largest pension fund in the Dutch Caribbean, Assistant Managing Director at a commercial bank and as Supervisory Director of a insurance company since 2017.

During her carrier, Rochelle has been able to bring about important business improvements, lead important large projects, and create products and solutions that add value to customers. Clients, and colleagues acknowledge her for strong leadership skills, analytical skills, problem-solving skills and her ability to bring ‘out of the box solutions’ to the table. These skills are the driving force behind Excellency B.V..

She truly believe that the success of any business depends heavily on its leaders. The leadership styles, values, purpose, vision, culture, and believes of these leaders are determined to the success of their business. So, to her businesses cannot thrive if the human aspect is neglected. Together with her team, she has, therefore, developed the strategic tool Business Brainer® to work with business leaders and their organizations from the inside-out to discover their purpose and eliminate limiting barriers that stand in their way in order to define winning purpose driven strategies.